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wean definition: 1. to cause a baby or young animal to stop feeding on its mother’s milk and to start eating other.

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Gaily MeaningGaily definition: If you do something gaily , you do it in a lively, happy way. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

20-11-2015  · The easiest way to sell anything to Mumbaikars is to incorpoate it into a Bollywood movie. We will blindly buy it. Popularised by Anil Kapoor’s film ‘Yudh’, this word soon became a frequently used part of Mumbai’s lingo.

Mumbai definition, a seaport in and the capital of Maharashtra, in W India, on the Arabian Sea. See more.

Gaily definition is – in a gay manner : marked by gaiety. How to use gaily in a sentence.

Mumbai synonyms, Mumbai pronunciation, Mumbai translation, English dictionary definition of Mumbai. Formerly Bom·bay A city of west-central India, on a coastal island on the Arabian Sea. The capital of the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is India’s largest.

In a city of over 20 million people, space is understandably at a premium in Mumbai. For the working class, daily life in Mumbai is commonly played out in what are called chawls– multi-level tenements with single small rooms, which usually accommodate a whole family, often with a shared bathroom for each floor.There’s little privacy but the benefits are a strong sense of camaraderie and support.

Inquilab Indian Newspaper of Urdu Language from Mumbai, Maharashtra Inquilab Indian Newspaper of Urdu Language from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Inquilab Indian Newspaper of Urdu Language from Mumbai, Maharashtra.